Are you into the world of miniatures? Do you like having them carefully painted for your games or models? Maybe decorating your showcases with your favorite series or film scenes with your miniatures or dioramas?


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About us

We are Moya and Alberto, two lovers of this hobby, who have joined hands in order to dedicate ourselves to our lifelong passion, the miniatures and the wargame. We both are devoted players and painters with several years of expertise and heartfelt miniature geeks. We love paying matches and participate in diverse tournaments, such as Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game, Infinity, Harry Potter, Star Wars Legion, Warhammer Fantasy, 40.000, Age of Sigmar, Saga, Mordheim, Blood Bowl, Kill Team, Ancient Battles, The War of the Ring and many more.

Since our first painted miniatures more than 15 years ago, to the most current ones, we have spent uncountable hours under the lamps, perfecting our techniques and improving our speed to offer the best quality for each painting levels.

We hold the most economical price of both national and international miniature painting. We pride ourselves in offering the cheapest price of each quality range with outmost dedication to make each work unique and cool, as it was mean to join our own personal collection.

Our top customer service is founded on our knowledge of the hobby, the idea exchange with other colleagues and outmost care for our work, allowing us to offer original ideas and recommendations to make your miniatures stand out in the game table. The outcome of the game is left in your hands.

We are in constant evolution to face every project as if they were our own miniatures, with passion and inspiration, we keep developing new ideas and embracing new aspects of the hobby as our background in this world keeps getting deeper.